Welcome to SBS

SBS International is a global building technology company committed to providing innovative and sustainable building solutions for the construction industry.

Through our research and development we endeavour to significantly impact on delivery time for on site construction while improving quality. With the use of state of the art equipment and materials our building solutions are both sustainable and energy efficient with application to projects ranging from residential to commercial construction.

Supaloc: Light Gauge Steel

Supaloc® is an engineered steel framing system. Sophisticated in its design, simple in its assembly, Supaloc® has taken the principles of advanced manufacturing and applied them to the construction industry.

Unlike other steel and timber framing systems, Supaloc® connects the frame from truss to wall to slab, using a series of patented connection systems. The unique frame connections bolt and clip together with unparalleled precision.

Thermaloc: Energy Saving

Thermaloc is a structural building system that combines the strength of Supaloc steel framing with the outstanding thermal properties of rigid cellular insulation. It is an affordable, high performance building technology that delivers proven results in premium, low energy, sustainable homes.

Thermaloc is engineered using a patented manufacturing process, which guarantees the quality of our framing and insulation.